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Murr as the Deer/Centaur by Jyoumifan1 Murr as the Deer/Centaur :iconjyoumifan1:Jyoumifan1 1 0 Sal wants to play Double Dutch by Jyoumifan1 Sal wants to play Double Dutch :iconjyoumifan1:Jyoumifan1 4 0 Not Homeless Q by Jyoumifan1
Mature content
Not Homeless Q :iconjyoumifan1:Jyoumifan1 0 0
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The Best Lesson
The Best Lesson.
Scratch scratch scratch.
Erk’s quill flew across his essay with rapid urgency, leaving spidery sentences across the parchment, referring to the complex anima spell Lord Pent had assigned him to research. The young mage was engrossed in his writing, so engrossed that he barely noticed that his nose was almost touching the essay; he just had to complete the two-roll essay before Lord Pent returned from his meeting in the Etrurian capital.
The mage twitched slightly at the sound of his name, but continued writing. He just had to finish this paragraph…
“Fine…” Erk sighed and set his quill back in the inkwell, rising from his chair. Lady Louise was calling him again, probably so he would eat something with her, even though he always insisted on finishing his work before indulging in food. She should understand how he felt; after all, she was married to Lord Pent. She should be used to scholars and their incon
:iconkagesan17:KageSan17 4 5
Pent pardoned himself from his (admittedly quite dull) conversation with the two elderly lords when he felt a light tap on his forearm, and turned to the welcoming sigh of his wife, draped in that sapphire gown he found so alluring.
“My lord? If I may have a moment?” A quick word of apology to the lords, and Pent allowed himself to be led away, smiling all the while.
“What is it, my darling? Have I told you that you look ravishing this evening?” Louise smiled, though a sharpness to her eyes betrayed that less-than-ladylike personality with which Pent had fallen in love.
“But of course, my love.” Still smiling innocently, Louise placed her other hand upon her husband’s arm, looking for all the world to be the demure and respectable count’s wife she played in court. “I’ve been cornered again by all of those well-meaning lords and ladies who are desperate to know why we still don’t have any children.” Her eyes narrowed, only slig
:icondubious-dane:dubious-dane 5 2
Silly Little Short Fellows by DMKruiz Silly Little Short Fellows :icondmkruiz:DMKruiz 18 5 Impractical Jokers Cruise Dive by Punthead Impractical Jokers Cruise Dive :iconpunthead:Punthead 34 9 Joe Gatto by anypanfupucca Joe Gatto :iconanypanfupucca:anypanfupucca 21 5 Impractical Jokers -  SENORA LANZA by Punthead Impractical Jokers - SENORA LANZA :iconpunthead:Punthead 23 11 Impractical Jokers by SmearingSin Impractical Jokers :iconsmearingsin:SmearingSin 46 4 Find Larry by SmearingSin Find Larry :iconsmearingsin:SmearingSin 46 10 Impractical Jokers by ThePastelHobbit Impractical Jokers :iconthepastelhobbit:ThePastelHobbit 58 91 Pedicures by sclirada Pedicures :iconsclirada:sclirada 29 147
Growing Up
There is no way this can happen.
I'm Joe Gatto, Impractical Joker. I am a victor of the forty-ninth annual Hunger Games. And may the odds be ever in your favor! God that bugs the living crap out of me. I registered as thirteen because I wanted to know what was like to be a teenager again. Oh boy that was a mistake.
The female tribute that died here in District 4, her name is Contessa Fraller, died a very horrible, and completely nasty death. It was the three of us, me, Contessa, and the boy from District 9, Damon. Damon found Contessa and I, and Damon shot an arrow through her chest, and slit her throat. Contessa was also brutally raped. My god that kid was a maniac. Thank god after I came back and he was still doing crazy things to that dead body, I threw the knife and it went through his head. That's when the Gamemakers crowned me victor.
This is the second annual Quarter Quell. This time, President Snow decided to have twice as many tributes to the Games. Not to mention inc
:iconjessicahowelly:jessicahowelly 2 7
I Was Calling You by SmearingSin I Was Calling You :iconsmearingsin:SmearingSin 32 10 Hitmonchan by Spade03 Hitmonchan :iconspade03:Spade03 23 39 Hitmonchan by Shadinski Hitmonchan :iconshadinski:Shadinski 9 0 107 - Hitmonchan by Marlenesstamps 107 - Hitmonchan :iconmarlenesstamps:Marlenesstamps 24 4
Hitmonchan Report
Hitmonchan (the Punching Pokémon) is an exceptionally rare Fighting-type Pokémon found almost exclusively within the possession of trainers and is practically absent from the wild globally. With unbelievable agility and truly unmatchable punching speed, Hitmonchan are top-class boxers that can knockout almost any opponent without even breaking a sweat in any battle. If you ever get stuck facing one of these beasts one-on-one, make sure that your Pokémon never lets down its guard for any reason at all, as it only takes a few moments for one of these creatures to fire off enough punches to knock out a moose!
Hitmonchan possess incredibly durable arm and hand muscles that can function and move extremely rapidly without tearing or experiencing trauma; moreover, their arm and hand bones are extremely thick and difficult to break even if the weight of a dump truck is applied to them. As a result of this anatomical arrangement, Hitmonchan are able to deliver devastating blows w
:iconmutitus:Mutitus 30 74


:iconblackjack2099: :iconsahelkemu: :iconlordpentsgirl: :iconlady-of-violets: :iconsage-in-hiding: :iconpentamen: :iconj1nk3y: :iconcherrypeachberry: :iconpurpledragonmaster: :icongrim-of-an-artist: :iconjoumimi: :iconjocund-slumber: :iconsklavenbrause: :iconitamar050:



Murr as the Deer/Centaur
My third favorite Joker I really like Murr dressed as the centaur in the punishments. Hence he is a centaur.
Sal wants to play Double Dutch
My third in the series of drawing the chibi impractical jokers. Sal is my second favorite of the Jokers and I always love it when he does the Double Dutch.
Not Homeless Q
My cute chibi picture of Q not being homeless a classic Impractical Jokers line with a sign saying he is not homeless. 😂
Captain Fatbelly and his Donut
My favorite punishment out of the Impractical Jokers. He always carbs up on his donuts. I had thought about putting his little dogs in this picture I thought I came out alright though. I will have the other Jokers uploaded shortly. I know he has a big belly hence the name but I still think it came out cute.
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Felina Velasquez
United States
THAT'S ME!!! Yay! Well, I love to draw (obviously). I have always been shy for most of my entire life... So anyone that can have the patience with a shy/quiet type of person like me more power to ya. I have always been a huge Undertaker fan... I also love to play video games, My brother and I love to compete with each other on video games... I usually don't have what it takes to beat him. But the point of it all is to have fun with it(sometimes i can get lucky with a win though). I have been a fan of wrestling all my life. I am also a big fan of the RPG Fire Emblem too. Too many favorite characters from Fire Emblem =D I don't mind it, it drive my brother to ask me some dumb questions about it though. So anyway that is what i am like. A fan of all sorts of things. I love music also! Can't live without it!

Current Residence: Visalia, Ca
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Don't Know
Print preference: Don't Know
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite photographer: If not me... Pentamen
Favourite style of art: Anime, Chibis, Powerpuff
Operating System: Laptop Computer
MP3 player of choice: don't have one
Shell of choice: Undertaker
Wallpaper of choice: Undertaker
Skin of choice: Undertaker
Favourite cartoon character: Undertaker, Waluigi, Shadow the Hedgehog, Rouge the Bat, Bakura Ryou, Clopin, and Kung Lao.
Personal Quote: "It's a show about nothing.... How do we know when it is over??"
  • Listening to: Undertaker themes songs on ipod
  • Reading: Undertaker fanfictions
  • Watching: Undertaker on Raw
  • Playing: Smackdown vs Raw 2014
  • Eating: an Undertaker cupcake
  • Drinking: Dr. Pepper
Hello everyone i havent been on in a long time and a journal none the less even longer. Yesterday i had been working yes i work now and i had ran home after work just to see undertaker talk with paul heyman about Wrestlemania. I personally think my Undertaker will never have his wrestlemania streak broken. I have moved over here to Texas so i am not in California anymore. I had moved to help out my oldest brother with his kids. I am an aunt of three a neice and two nephews. all tend to be very hyper and every different kids. I have been wanting to post something up but i guess i havent had the time because of work and stuff i like to do on my days off. so i havent been on here in a long time. I am still going to try to post up some drawings and some journals just to keep in touch with everything on here now. I am sorry to anybody that has been waiting for my long awaited return. but now really i have to come to sorts that i am too busy to work so much and drawing a lot less here. i don't really like it but i have to do what i have to do. keeping a roof over my head and providing for myself and my family now. Oh yeah Undertaker will not lose at Wrestlemania and that is that!! :D


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